Human Rights Watch: Assad Regime Responsible for Chemical Weapons Attacks

Syrian Coalition
Istanbul, Turkey
September 11, 2013

“Based on the available evidence, Human Rights Watch finds that Syrian government forces were almost certainly responsible for the August 21 attacks, and that a weapons-grade nerve agent was delivered during the attack,” a Human Rights Watch report concluded.

The report mentions a body of evidence implicating the Assad regime in the chemical weapons attacks on western and eastern Gouta on the early hours of August 21st, 2013.

Human Rights Watch said they have investigated claims that FSA fighters have used those weapons but found such claims “lacking in credibility and inconsistent with the evidence found at the scene.”

This report undeniably indicates that the Assad regime is responsible for the use of internationally prohibited chemical weapons in civilian areas.

The Syrian Coalition reaffirms its call for an international proportionate response to war crimes. It stresses that crimes against humanity cannot be absolved through political concessions.

A political solution is not viable in light of the absence of a firm international response that would restrain Assad’s killing machine and ensure the Syrian people’s aspirations for freedom, justice, and dignity are achieved

via Syrian National Coalition

Author: konigludwig

progressive social democrat, internationalist, conservationist

2 thoughts on “Human Rights Watch: Assad Regime Responsible for Chemical Weapons Attacks”

  1. Now we are waiting on the report from the UN maybe on Monday. With Ban Ki Moon being overheard stating that Assad is guilty of crimes against humanity, maybe something will be done to bring charges against him and take him to the Hague.


    1. Huh. Thanks for that. I don’t have much time to keep up with the news. I appreciate the help. I did see something about that the other day. Of course, my mind has been satisfied about Assad’s use of chemical weapons for a long time. Anyone who would target urban neighborhoods with Scud missiles and drop cluster bombs on playgrounds is capable of anything. Which is why I have been getting all snarky lately about my fellow progressives. “Oh, well, we still don’t know for sure who used these chemical weapons.” Seriously? [konigludwig rolls his eyes.]

      I don’t always know what I’m talking about, but I at least try to. So, when I hear these kinds of stupid talking points from our own partisans, it does piss me off more than a little. It is so obvious that these folks either haven’t been paying attention or simply don’t care.

      I’m unsure how these things work at the UN. I wonder if bringing charges against the Assad regime would involve the Security Council. Doesn’t seem like it would.

      The chemical weapons agreement between the US and Russia would still allow Russia to veto UN actions against Assad, as I understand it, were he to fail to comply. The Obama administration is sending very clear signals that they are taking a wait–but not too long–and see position, but aren’t prepared to give the Assad regime the full benefit of the doubt. Why should they? The whole world knows what a shameless, lying dog Assad is.

      I think the President is much smarter than he’s given credit for being. I’ve questioned his actions and inactions on Syria like everyone else. And I’ve been very frustrated at times and have sent more than a few emails to the White House.

      Though I’ve favored arming the opposition for most of the last two years, I now believe that not doing so was the right call. This doesn’t end with the departure of Assad, which we all believe is inevitable and necessary. It is very important to take the long view on Syria’s future. The Obama administration has been carefully thinking through all of this for a long time.

      It’s important to remember that most of us who have favored supporting the Syrian opposition all along came to believe that we would never see this day, when the President was actually making serious threats against the Syrian regime. But here we are. And I think he may have a little bit more Harry Truman in him than we thought–and maybe a little more Teddy Roosevelt too.

      I’m reading between the lines here, but I genuinely believe that this President will act unilaterally if he feels it is necessary, even without Congressional approval, if Assad tries to game the chemical weapons deal, as I believe he will. The President knows better than to trust the Russians. No one in their right mind trusts Putin. Putin possesses that particular, scary kind of narcissism immediately recognizable to students of history.


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