Veterans groups move to end shutdown

Many veterans on honor flights have moved the barricades to see the memorial. | AP Photo 

In a strong display of unity, leaders of the nation’s major veterans’ groups plan to speak out against the continuing government shutdown at an event on Tuesday at the World War II Memorial, POLITICO has learned.

Among the groups expected are the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and the Military Officers Association of America, according to two sources familiar with the planning.

Veterans’ groups have been unified in their scathing indictment of the government shutdown, arguing it’s making it harder for veterans and their families to receive the government benefits and services that they are entitled to.

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5 thoughts on “Veterans groups move to end shutdown”

  1. This government shutdown is the lowest thing yet from the radical right.

    I get it that they don’t care about republicans, or democrats, but to hit veterans, children and other vulnerable groups is unacceptable.

    The republican party in the house has been voting lockstep with the tea party, so they are also the problem.

    I wish it was time to vote now. 2014 seems a long way off.

    We can never again trust the republicans. They lied to their base abourt being able to repeal ACA. They change the rules of the game mid-stream, and don’t care about the impact this has on our economy and the global eonomy.


    1. Probably the greatest drawback of a democratic system of governance is that really stupid people have a voice in the decision making process. Having said that, we can be satisfied that our American democracy works as well as it does, because at the moment some of the dumbest and meanest people in our country have managed to achieve a political majority even while constituting a minority of the people in our country. Ironically, this circumstance affirms just how well our system works.


      1. Yes, stupid is the word. The tea party isn’t schooled on how democracy works, beause they resent the word. They’ll correct you every time saying…we’re a republic.
        Now I don’t really care what you call it, but IMO, it’s not supposed to work the way the tea party works it.

        I can’t wait to vote as many republicans out as possible. Here in Indiana, we had Senator Richard Lugar represent this state for many years.

        I never had a problem with his kind of republican stance. He was a fair and mentally balanced man, who seemed really intelligent. Well he was tea partied, by Richard Mourdock, who had been state treasurer, during a time when millions of dollars came up missing, but was later recovered.

        Even knowing this, the republican tea party wanted Mourdock over Lugar. Mourdock was so nutty, talking about pregnancy from rape was Gods plan, blah blah blah, and was defeated by a democrat, Joe Donnally. Joe’s great, but he’s a lot like Lugar, not politically. but mentally competent, calm and sensible.

        We dodged a bullet there. I’m sure there are some in every state like this too.


  2. I had a man come to my house to pick up my mower to take it to the shop for service.

    He immedaiately started talking about how he hated our government, hated President Obama because Obama hated veterans. Needless to say, we didn’t hit off. I don’t understand how someone could come to that conclusion about the president when republicans have voted down veterans jobs bills, and other help for vets.

    Some people just vote against their own best interest, and they won’t listen to the truth or reason.


    1. The guy repairs lawnmowers for a living. And he thinks that President Obama hates veterans.

      He realizes that George Bush gave a trillion dollar tax break to billionaires even as he cut veteran’s benefits? Probably not. He realizes that veteran’s benefits have expanded dramatically under President Obama? Probably not.


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