Web Sites and Grave Sites

Charles M. Blow

Republicans are apoplectic about Healthcare.gov, the official Web site for the Affordable Care Act.

They are trying desperately to change the subject from their disastrous government shutdown by ranting about the failures of a government Web site that cost a tiny fraction of what was lost as a result of the shutdown.

Republicans are pretending that they care about the problems encountered in signing up for a system that many of them are bent on destroying.

They are demanding an immediate fix to something they want to break.

They are trying to deflect public outrage away from their record-low approval ratings.

The only problem for Republicans is that a technical issue isn’t likely to have legs. Yes, it’s embarrassing. Yes, it’s frustrating. Yes, it’s an unforced error.

But it’s also fixable, and in the grand scheme of things, a malfunctioning Web site is more understandable and less consequential than a malfunctioning political party.

The Web site will be fixed. Can the same be said of the party that has planted its flag on the outskirts of reason? Can the same be said of the party being hijacked by hyperpartisans?

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Author: konigludwig

progressive social democrat, internationalist, conservationist

One thought on “Web Sites and Grave Sites”

  1. It’s too bad that the republicans have let themselves fall into the abyss of ridiculous.

    If only they had stood up and helped the Obama administration fix the economic problems that he faced on his initial election, they could have been viewed as helping to fix a problem mostly created by their economic ideas.

    Instead they chose the low road, following the rantings of Sarah Palin. She was instrumental IMO, in firing up the base, but in a nasty hateful way.

    The republicans have been angry for so long, that it may be ingrained in the right wing base for years to come.

    If they shut down the government again, as Ted Cruz has threatened to do, I think it’ll be the end game for them.

    All this nastiness for nothing! President Obama was re-elected, the ACA is being implemented, the rich lost their tax cuts, and the republicans are so angry about it, they are punishing the rest of the country.

    I say republicans because I blame the entire party, not just the tea party. In the end, the republican house voted to open government, raise the debt ceiling, but only for a few months.


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