Pope Francis Hurts The Tender Feelings Of A Billionaire Republican

Pope Francis has hurt the delicate feelings of Home Depot billionaire and Republican Ken Langone just by preaching the message of Jesus. Awww… Image: jfxgillis

If Pope Francis ever finds himself in need of a hammer and some nails, he may want to consider avoiding Home Depot. Ken Langone, founder of the company, has been whining kvetching pissing and moaning grumpy about Pope Francis having the gall to promote the message of Jesus. In recent months, the Pope has been on a verbal rampage against the horrors that the unrestrained greed of “savage capitalism” has wrought across the globe. He’s been preaching that the message of Jesus was not to get rich by screwing the poor but to serve them. This has deeply offended poor Langone’s tender sensibilities.

Just who the hell does Pope Francis think he is? The Pope or something?
Via CNBC.com:

Langone said he’s raised the issue more than once with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York, most recently at a breakfast in early December at which he updated him on fundraising progress.

“I’ve told the cardinal, ‘Your Eminence, this is one more hurdle I hope we don’t have to deal with. You want to be careful about generalities. Rich people in one country don’t act the same as rich people in another country,’ ” he said.

Well, he’s right about that. The United States has some of the greediest rich people on the planet. And Pope Francis knows it. Not only did Wall Street executives destroy the economy and throw millions out of work, they gave themselves HUGE bonuses using tax payer dollars. And then spent the next several years screwing those very same tax payers in every conceivable way.

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Author: konigludwig

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One thought on “Pope Francis Hurts The Tender Feelings Of A Billionaire Republican”

  1. I was raised a Catholic. So, please allow me to translate for those who profess to be Catholics but who don’t really know much about our beliefs: in our view, the Pope is the elected representative of God on Earth. That’s the idea. Jesus said so. It’s even in the Protestant Bible too. So, if you are a Catholic, then when you threaten to withhold donations to God’s Church, because you just aren’t pleased with a message that is critical of your love of money over your fellow man, then you are basically threatening to defund Jesus. Wow. If only God had better understood your power and importance. Now, of course, I appreciate that back when Jesus was a money-grubbing conservative (never), that anyone attacking conservatives was described as being against God, the flag and apple pie. How times have changed. I understand why some people are upset.


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