Paul Ryan Claims Black Men Are Lazy And The Cause Of Poverty In This Country

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) was on the conservative radio show ‘Morning In America’, which is hosted by Bill Bennett. Bennett is the former Secretary of Education under President Reagan. He is also known for gambling away millions of dollars while at the same time preaching about living a virtuous life. Anyway, Bennett had Ryan on to discuss Ryan’s recent ‘War on Poverty’ report, where Ryan stated that anti-poverty programs developed under President Lyndon Johnson and after were actually the root cause for the continued existence of poverty in this country.

During the interview, Ryan used thinly-veiled ‘code’ language to claim that black men do not want to work and are satisfied with being poor. He also stated that anti-poverty programs create a culture of laziness and that what we really need is for affluent white people from the suburbs to spend more of their time mentoring those in the inner-city. Obviously, the answer for those living in abject poverty in a jobless environment is to have someone come down from their lofty perch and whitesplain about how to lift yourself up by your bootstraps.

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Author: konigludwig

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2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Claims Black Men Are Lazy And The Cause Of Poverty In This Country”

  1. Paul Ryan is a fool. He’d say anything to get attention. He doesn’t have any authority to say anything about anyone else.

    It boggles my mind that so many people vote for these society haters.

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  2. Good morning, Sister. The only thing I don’t get about people like Ryan is whether they truly believe this kind of nonsense, or if they are just pandering to idiots. It’s probably political pandering. Republicans have spent the last six years trying to draw attention away from how they nearly drove this country into the ground. According to their imaginary and delusion rewriting of well-documented history, it wasn’t their economic policies, their record-setting deficit spending, their unfunded tax breaks for billionaires and unpaid for wars, that created an 11 trillion dollar debt and a collapsing economy with 10 million unemployed Americans. But the facts are that this is what Obama inherited from them when he walked into the White House in January 2009.


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