Syria: the story behind one of the most shocking images of the war | World news | The Guardian

From the archives of the Pulitzer Prize winning English newspaper, The Guardian.
Originally published 3-10-2013.

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Bodies revealed by the Queiq river’s receding waters. Photo: Thomas Rassloff/EPA

It is already one of the defining images of the Syrian civil war: a line of bodies at neatly spaced intervals lying on a river bed in the heart of Syria’s second city Aleppo. All 110 victims have been shot in the head, their hands bound with plastic ties behind their back. Their brutal execution only became apparent when the winter high waters of the Queiq river, which courses through the no man’s land between the opposition-held east of the city and the regime-held west, subsided in January.

It’s a picture that raises so many questions: who were these men? How did they die? Why? What does their story tell us about the wretched disintegration of Syria? A Guardian investigation has established a grisly narrative behind the worst – and most visible – massacre to have taken place here. All the men were from neighbourhoods in the eastern rebel-held part of Aleppo. Most were men of working age. Many disappeared at regime checkpoints. They may not be the last to be found. Locals have since dropped a grate from a bridge, directly over an eddy in the river. Corpses were still arriving 10 days after the original discovery on January 29, washed downstream by currents flushed by winter rains.

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2 thoughts on “Syria: the story behind one of the most shocking images of the war | World news | The Guardian”

  1. This war has been the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in my life.

    I know there have been many bad things in the last 60 years, but I’ve never seen so many sad and disturbing pictures before this.

    I guess it comes with the technological age we live in.

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    1. This article does a fine job documenting how the Assad regime has indiscriminately and systematically preyed upon its own citizens, and how theses gross abuses of power have radicalized a formerly peaceful and civilized society. As anyone who has followed the Syrian uprising knows, the human rights assaults came first; the jihadists came second.

      We must not allow Putin, Assad and all those who support him rewrite the historical narrative to suit their own agendas. In no civil war in human history have the facts been so well documented. Many of those that continue to support Assad will find themselves before a tribunal in the Hague. They should count on it. And those who continue to support him rhetorically and materially, like Vladimir Putin, will earn the condemnation of history and of those who know the true history of the Syrian civil war.

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