Open Carry Gun Extremists Plan March Through ‘Black Neighborhood’

By Leslie Salzillo in the Daily Kos

source: PoliticusUSA

The ‘Open Carry Texas’ group out of Houston has decided to march through a predominantly black neighborhood to ‘educate’ people of their rights. The first thing that comes to most of our minds? What if armed black men decided to march through a predominantly white neighborhood to educate… Wait, let’s go one deeper. What if armed black men decided to march through a white ‘Stand Your Ground’ neighborhood to educate them… Let that one roll around in the brain for a minute.

There is talk the march was originally planned for Juneteenth Day, a holiday that celebrates the abolition of slavery. That would have been June 19th, but there was some sort of schedule mix up – you know, it being open carry, open season. They’re very busy.

“One Open Carry member posted to Facebook:

‘…white people think that most young blacks are just thug a$$ed pieces of $hlt! Prison and home life are no different for most of them. You go to prison, you still eat for free, free cable, free roof over your head, free gym membership, free……there is really no punishment for them. Going to prison will not change their lives, just their address.'”

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Author: konigludwig

progressive social democrat, internationalist, conservationist

2 thoughts on “Open Carry Gun Extremists Plan March Through ‘Black Neighborhood’”

  1. A group of ignorant bullies. I think those men would learn more from that community than they could ever teach any of the local residences. Personally, I have had enough to this behavior by these gun nuts. They shame our nation.


  2. This really makes me angry. Walmart is allowing armed white men to walk around in their stores. We have people claiming they have to protect their home and family from any government invasion with their AR-15. This is more than a game of words. It is time for everyone to stand up to bullies. These men are spitting out NRA comments, word for word. They can not even think for themselves. They do not serve America or any state within our nation. Can anyone explain to me how the above group of men were allowed to purchase guns? There is something wrong with these men. Their behavior alone is proof.

    Currently, they are using some ‘evil government’ excuse to buy AR-15’s. Enough people have seen the type of guns that are available today. Surprise, the majority do not approve. To watch someone shoot bullets as fast as they can twitch their finger, frightens people. Now the gun owners claim it is their right to protect their nation. Like our founders did. What? Where is that ‘government’ because right now, we could use a few less fools like those boys above.

    If the government came after someone and they run for their AR-15, that AR-15 is going to get them & their family killed. I do not have a problem with an armed bully being killed except the bully is shooting at our law enforcement People that actually serve this nation.

    For all those white men above carrying guns claiming they know more than a victim of an armed home invasion, or a family that lost their child to gun violence, I have news for them. I find any man with a gun a threat especially a white man. As a white women, I would not even blink if someone killed those men above. Too extreme or blunt? I know what two white serial killers with 22’s can do to any family that believes they are well prepared. I do not care what type of guns anyone has, American families do not live like we are at war 24/7. Guns do not make you safer and guns can even make you and your family a target. Guns are a responsibility and the men above have shown they do not know the meaning of responsibility.


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