Have Republicans Forgotten Who We Are?

How immigration will save America and Social Security too.

Immigrant children, Ellis Island, New York.
Immigrant children, Ellis Island, New York.

The Christian Science Monitor​ recently published a very interesting and informative article about the current debate in the United States Senate over the future of Social Security disability benefits.

Reallocating one year’s funding for Social Security retirement to disability would ensure that both programs remain fully funded until 2033. Although this has been done many times before, the current congressional Republican majority is opposed, preferring instead to begin cutting benefits for disabled Americans by as much as 20% next year. Republicans complain that Democrats are refusing to address the serious, looming fiscal crisis of the program.

But while Social Security certainly has future funding problems, they are not as daunting as Republicans wish to portray them. The Republican leadership’s motivation is purely ideological. They desire to destroy the Social Security program. And they want to begin by reducing payments to disabled Americans next year. The average disability recipient receives about $1250 a month in benefits. I’d like to see even one Republican Senator live on that budget, or cut their own pay by 20% next year.

Over one million veterans returned home injured from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of them so severely injured that they may never work again. And many of these gravely injured soldiers returned home to waiting spouses and children. Republicans are now threatening to cut the disability benefits for those veterans and their families.

Interestingly, the prospectus for the future funding of Social Security programs is not as bleak as Republicans would like the American public to believe. And there is a very simple explanation for this that is directly related to the reason that Social Security is facing future deficits in the first place: population demographics.

More people are withdrawing benefits from the system than are paying into it. But American society is preparing to undergo a surprising demographic shift as an unexpected consequence of immigration. As increasing numbers of young immigrants join the American labor force in the coming decades–and as inevitable immigration reforms provide the necessary pathways to citizenship for young, undocumented immigrants–Social Security revenues will likely see a significant increase relative to program expenditures.

America has always been a nation of immigrants. It’s who we are. And immigration has always been a major source of strength for America and a boon to our economy. So why, in God’s name, are so many Americans opposed to it now? Perhaps it’s because they have forgotten, or maybe never understood at all, who we are as a people, and the vital role that immigration has always played in our nation’s history.

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2 thoughts on “Have Republicans Forgotten Who We Are?”

  1. Sadly, this is all about money. It is that simple. The republican party serves individuals like the Koch Brothers and they hate SS along with all social programs that diverts money away from the one percent. They want the continued tax cuts and subsidies. They do not care about our roads, our schools, our post office, SS, or any federal / state protected social program. They know full well that if these programs were funded, it cuts into the tax breaks they have bought using leaders that should be serving the American citizens. They have controlled the cable media and feed American citizens misinformation, fear, hate, and lies. They complain about food-stamps even though most of their employees need the program to survive. Most Americans work hard for their benefits. It is a shame that our pensions are even being short changed.

    The Koch’s and now the republicans are short sighted and only look at immediate profits. If you talk to any of them, they will claim that you can never have enough money and that is their short term agenda. We have lost the entire GOP to pure greed. If we are not careful, more and more Democrats will follow the greed.

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    1. At the very bottom of this page is an old photograph of Theodore Roosevelt. He was the original American progressive president. It has been that long ago since we had a great Republican leader in the White House, who put America’s interests and the interests of its people first, before the moneyed interests of Wall Street.

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