Killer Mike Wants You To Back Bernie Sanders

The rapper says Sen. Sanders has been a fighter for black rights for decades.

Sen. Bernie Sanders with rapper Killer Mike after Mike's endorsement at an Atlanta rally, November 23, 2015.
Sen. Bernie Sanders with rapper Killer Mike after Mike’s endorsement at an Atlanta rally, November 23, 2015. Sanders Facebook page

By Lelita Cannon

Earlier this week, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was parlayin’ with Killer Mike, throwing up what could inevitably be mistaken for gang signs, and going to soul food restaurants in The A like it was just a typical day in the ‘hood. Now, if that’s not a white man trying to assimilate into Blackness, I don’t know what is. That’s damn near the Blackest thing I’ve seen this year. Even Obama hasn’t courted his rapper-supporters in the same manner.

Moderate historical research on The Sand Man—my personal nickname for Bernie, because I hope he puts his wack-ass rivals to sleep come the 2016 election—will hip you to just how black this man is. He was born and raised in Brooklyn. In 1941. That’s less than 100 years removed from when black slavery (allegedly) ended in the United States. Before gentrification. Way before that lone pioneer Columbused–I mean, “settled”–downtown Brooklyn. Do you realize how black that is? I’m talking a Brooklyn that preceded Spike Lee Joints and bodegas.

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Author: konigludwig

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One thought on “Killer Mike Wants You To Back Bernie Sanders”

  1. I imagine Bernie can talk to anyone and he would fit right into any individuals life style/world. He is a life long public servant and he has done his job exceptionally well. For some reason, this does not bother me. I watched him on the Larry Wilmore show and Bernie is sharp and funny in his own way.


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