Wolf protection plan raises hackles in Southwest

The U.S. wants to ban most killing of wild Mexican wolves in New Mexico and Arizona, and expand the area where the animals can roam. But many see federal overreach.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to extend Endangered Species Act protections for an estimated 75 Mexican wolves in the wild in New Mexico and Arizona. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / January 25, 1998)

ALBUQUERQUE — In the small, rural community of Reserve, children waiting for the school bus gather inside wooden and mesh cages provided as protection from wolves. Parents consider the “kid cages” a reasonable precaution.

Defenders of the wolves note there have been no documented wolf attacks in New Mexico or Arizona. Fears of wolves attacking humans, they say, are overblown, and the cages nothing more than a stunt.

In 1995, the reintroduction of Canadian gray wolves into the northern Rockies ignited a furor.

In 1995, the reintroduction of Canadian gray wolves into the northern Rockies ignited a furor.

Such protections would make it illegal to kill wolves in most instances. The new federal plan would also significantly expand the area where the wolves could roam unmolested.

To many conservatives in the West, such protections are examples of government overreach — idealistic efforts by officials who don’t know what it’s like to live with wolves.

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2 thoughts on “Wolf protection plan raises hackles in Southwest”

  1. I know! President Obama can come out and say he hates wolves and wants to kill them all.

    Then the other side of the aisle would probably protect the wolves with their own lives.

    I have coydogs in my area. They’re annoying, but the hunters that manage my property keep the numbers down.

    I can’t imagine having wolves running around, but if I did, these hunters would probably kill them too.


    1. How many people are killed and maimed by domestic dogs in the United States each year? Hundreds, thousands? More people than have been injured and killed by wolves globally in the last 100 years. So, why aren’t we tracking down, hunting and killing every last dog in the country? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Dogs are wolves; wolves are dogs. As a society we love dogs but not wolves? Our prehistoric ancestors loved wolves and that’s where dogs came from. Duh.


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